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In association with the German Football Association (DFB), UEFA’s Team Services experts in Nyon and the staff of EURO 2024 GmbH have visited 100 hotels and almost as many training facilities, travelling over 30,000km to create a shortlist of the best base camp options within close proximity of each of the 10 host cities.

The result of that research, the team facilities catalogue, offers teams a selection of options, each including a hotel and related training base. Some are in urban areas, some in small towns by beautiful lakes; some are based around splendid resorts and others in calm rural locations. The online catalogue offers videos, a site-visit tool, an interactive map and information about host cities and stadiums to help national team managers decide on which facilities suit them best.

Philipp Lahm, UEFA EURO 2024’s tournament director, said:
“Germany has gained a great reputation as a host country. Personally, I remember fondly the energy on the pitch at the World Cup in 2006. Beside the amazing atmosphere, Germany is experienced in providing perfect conditions for supporters, media, officials and especially teams and players. Our goal is to provide the teams with a comfortable and secure environment, which at the same time complies with the highest international standards that meet the unique requirements of professional football players. We are already looking forward to welcoming the teams to their “home away from home” in 2024 – United by football. Vereint im Herzen Europas.”

The team that registers its interest in a base camp first, will also have first right of access to that base camp. However, to comply with the principles of sustainability and environmental protection, which are included in the regulations of a UEFA EURO for the first time, selection priority will be given to teams whose preferred base camps are closer to their match venues.

Martin Kallen, CEO of UEFA Events SA, said: “Since the early stages of the bid, the ten German host cites have shown great motivation and creativity. Together with the DFB, UEFA has been working hard and will continue to do so to make your stay in Germany as comfortable as possible. Together with our Team Services experts in Nyon, our Joint Venture EURO 2024 GmbH has dedicated time and effort on every aspect of the teams’ accommodation and well-being. We trust this catalogue will provide the teams with the best options for their stay in Germany and support them in preparing for their best performances.”

Each option caters to all the unique requirements of professional football players, and provides a comfortable and secure environment, which complies with the highest international standards. Each base camp is located within driving distance of a host stadium to limit travel and help UEFA EURO 2024 to meet sustainability goals and leave a much smaller carbon footprint.

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