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Cologne Stadium 17 ' 6
Hyatt Regency Köln 10 ' 3.4
Cologne Airport 19 ' 17.6
Cologne Train station 4 ' 1.2
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City hotel Cologne - Lindner Hotel City Plaza Yeah, THAT city. Cologne is a feeling. The urban pulse of time and lots of Cologne nostalgia unite effortlessly on 11 floors, which are actually only 6. Our Lindner Hotel City Plaza isn’t only located in the very heart of Cologne at the trendy Friesenplatz. It is Cologne and a real piece of feel good neighborhood. Like an independent Cologne Veedel with its own sight-seeing hot spots floor by floor. Here you will experience the lifestyle of the city and meet its heroes. At the Lindner Hotel City Plaza, chai-latte meets beer, THE Cologne dish “heaven and earth” meets the latest street food dishes, business travelers city-hoppers and locals visitors. And no matter how wildly styles are mixed, everything always fits together. „Jede Jeck eß anderß.“ Cologne is a feeling. Come as you are and enjoy the heartbeat of Cologne.
Train station
Total inventory: 237 Reserved rooms: 60
Business Class
Size: 30m2 Total inventory: 184 Included in package: 60
Mini Bar / Fridge
Meeting ROOMS
Total number of meeting rooms: 11 Included in package: 0
Ballsaal Schäl Sick
Size: 311m2
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